Integrated Football and Endurance Training

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  • Interesting football drills based on the concepts of SpVgg Unterhaching’s youth academye
  • Incorporate football and endurance drills into team practice
  • Based on the most recent sport scientific study results
  • Game-based drills instead of isolated runs

Bonus: Integrated speed and agility drills

Make endurance training more fun and enjoyable with a variety of game-based drills. Football training is supposed to be fun, even when you’re training for endurance.  

The Integrated endurance training shown in this video is much more effective and game-oriented and also less time-consuming than isolated endurance training. The ball is being used much more frequently during the drills and since there's not a lot of time to convey the basics on the youth and amateur levels, integrated endurance training is the perfect tool to combine the improvement of technical skills and endurance.

Actor: SpVgg Unterhaching
Director: Nepomuk V. Fischer
Length: 52 min
Genre: documentation
Format: PAL