Functional BLACKROLL Fascial Training (English Version)

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Functional BLACKROLL Fascial Training

The perfect combination of aerobic exercise and regeneration

The exercises shown in this video enable you to combine a functional fitness routine with fascial training. Not only will you able to train your muscular system, you'll also have the chance to work on your fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, nerve and organ in our body. The fascia provide a network of support and structure and it ensures that we're flexible and ready to perform. Functional fascial training allows you to optimize your training regimen and to achieve a stronger training effect in a shorter amount of time.

BLACKROLL training and the self myofascial release targets tensions and adhesions in the muscles and its surrounding fascia. Through self massage, hydration of the fascia is stimulated and this will improve your range of motion, prevent muscle ache and eventually increase your physical mobility, flexibility and consequently, your overall performance.

Build muscle, train your fascia, optimize the regeneration process - all combined into one workout - there's no better way to train more effectively.