Complete Football Training Programs | Warming up + Technical Skills | Effective Drills for an entire Season

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Complete Football Training Programs | Warm up + Technical skills | Effective drills for the entire season

  • Plan effective training sessions in a short amount of time
  • Maximize your practice time
  • Warm up + technical skills
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Over 25 new drills

The drills shown in our video allow you to plan effective training sessions in a short amount of time. Stop wasting your time trying to come up with drills yourself, just simply watch our video, chose the drills you want to use and get started!

This training video features a variety of creative warm-up drills that focus on the players’ technical skills. Get access to a highly effective training program that will save you time, and yet last for an entire season.

Actor: Daniel Weber
Director: Nepomuk V. Fischer
Length: 75 min
Genre: documentation
Format: PAL