Basketball Power Forward Skills & Drills (en)

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BASKETBALL POWER FORWARD SKILLS & DRILLS | Optimize your skills and become a better player

  • Help your team to become even more successful
  • Effective drills specifically designed for power forwards
  • Developed by Ralph Junge, head coach and founder of Urspring Basketball Academy
  • For players and coaches
  • For all ages and talent levels

Maintaining possession, getting open and scoring are just a few of the many things a good power forward must be able to do. "Basketball power forward skills & drills" shows you how to become an even more effective and succesful power forward.

This training video is the perfect tool to improve your game - whether you're a young talent or a seasoned pro.

Actor: Ralph Junge
Director: Nepomuk V. Fischer
Length: 55 min
Genre: documentation
Format: PAL